The Wait is Over,
SMSF Sorted is here!

SMSF Preparation and Audits, sorted from Start to Finish!

SMSF SortedWith Cloudoffis’s SMSF Sorted, everything from SMSF preparation, review and compliance for Accountants to auditing for Auditors is now all automated.

SMSF Sorted integrates seamlessly with SMSF administration platforms like Class Super and BGL Simple Fund 360. With its ability to automatically import data, mark up and reference documentation, accountants can prepare files and work papers easily.

With SMSF Sorted, Accountants, Auditors and Clients can communicate amongst each other, better than ever before, while maintaining complete control over the information that should be shared.

SMSF Sorted benefits

Prepare, review and transfer to auditor with ease
Accountants & auditors can significantly save their time.
Enjoy seamless communication from client to completion
Integrates beautifully with SMSF administration software
Control what you share with all documents in one place

Packed with highly intelligent and intuitive features

  • Importing Data

  • Auto-segregation of Data

  • Red Flags

  • Powerful Search Function

  • Real-time Collaboration Tools

  • One-click File Preparation For Audit

  • Single-window Interface

  • Built-in Compliance Observations & Workflow Management

  • Secure Document Management

  • Review Tools