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Reducing repetition, replication and inefficiencies.

SMSF Sorted works with and standardises your existing workflows, integrates with Class Super and replaces siloed local
and cloud systems with a single source of truth.

More time for what counts.

Better leverage your value.

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Make every file make money.

Everything in its right place.

Information at your finger tips.

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Seamlessly integrate work.

All your software a well oiled machine.

Whatever your workflow,

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SMSF administrators & outsourcing firms have a distinct set of needs and opportunities. We’ve developed features to grow profitability & reduce risk through automation, standardisation and integration.


SMSF accountants have unique workflows to manage. We’ve developed features to grow profitability and reduce risk through automation, standardisation and integration.

SMSF preparation used to be all over the place.

Despite your expertise and processes, there was no avoiding the downsides of manual SMSF.


Email wasn’t designed for SMSF preparation and compliance. Back and forth, constant updates.

So much wasted time.


Saving evidence of communications, compiling the file itself, referencing accounts to source documents.

Better things to do.


Endlessly updating referencing and workpapers as data changes, using printed reports as lead schedules.

Let the machines do it.

Then we got SMSF Sorted.

Now you can use either SMSF Sorted for SMSF preparation, SMSF Auditomation for SMSF auditing, or combine them both.

Easy integration.

Works with leading admin providers for easy, seamless integration.

One source.

Re-import data, track all changes, never lose your work again.

Local support.

On-demand personal phone support from expert local team.

Experience first-hand how Cloudoffis SMSF Sorted can support your workflow and free up your time.

Seamless integration.

SMSF Sorted plays nice with others.

Adapt SMSF Sorted into your tried and true systems, integrate SMSF Sorted easily into your existing cloud-based solutions.
Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation

Let's get technical.

We love numbers—so we interviewed accountants to find real numbers on their time savings with Cloudoffis.

The Old Days

The Cloudoffis Ways

Document management 
and organisation

Save up to


Per file

From receiving files by email, to scanning, sorting, renaming and using a PDF splitter—to saving to local drives, preparing lead schedules and summaries in Excel.

Spending up to 10 hours per fund.

  • Upload documents in a single, bulk, scanned PDF for easy bookmarking
  • Anti-admin DMS automatically sorts and files for you
  • OCR runs to search, tag, reference and identify data in minutes
  • Automatically import Class Super reports for lead schedules

Reducing up to 80% of work time.

Importing and

Save up to

2.5 HRS

Per file

From manually adding data to Excel, to printing reports to use as lead schedules. From compiling files and referencing accounts or trial balances, to physically or digitally adding to PDF’s every time as data changes. 

Spending up to 5 hours per fund.

  • Instantly import data from SMSF admin software to reference source documents and link line items
  • One-click refreshing while preserving referencing data
  • Automatic ready, useable lead schedules
  • Work more profitably while preparing more comprehensively 

Reducing up to 65% of work time.

Review work and

Save up to


Per file

review and observation

From reviewing points in emails or workpapers, to relying on memory and back and forth communication. From evidencing lengthy exchanges to the risks associated with incomplete audit trails.

Spending up to 4 hours or more.

  • All interaction review points tracked
  • Links to source documents straight from financials
  • Automated observation list checks
  • Automatically establish complete audit trails with attachments
  • Areas of focus addressed early
  • Reduced review exchanges through transparent process 

Reducing up to 70% of work time.


Save up to

1.5 HRS

Per file


From lengthy email exchanges to saving evidence of correspondence to shared drives or online workpaper tools, plus updating queries and responses.

Spending up to 3 hours per file.

  • Automated workflow query counter 
  • Everything in one place, with complete history and no evidence going missing
  • Standardised review process with minimal communication required

Reducing around 46% of work time.

to Auditor

Save up to


Per file

transfer to auditor

From sorting, scanning and uploading files to the auditor portal or external DMS to emailing for submission. From tracking workflow on Excel to reviewing emailed reports.

Spending up to 2+ hours per file.

  • At a click, submit all selected source files, queries and data to the Auditor
  • Entire workflow tracked with automated notifications 
  • Maintain visibility over status, make changes and easily resubmit 
  • Tailored download and online view with or without use of SMSF Auditomation 

Reducing around 75% of work time.

*Time savings gathered from customer research of a number of accounting, administration and audit firms based on the average time spent across both simple & complex funds using Cloudoffis with both manual & admin software processes.

Experience first-hand how Cloudoffis SMSF Sorted can support your workflow and free up your time.

Looking out for your bottom line.

We’ve put a nifty calculator together, to show the difference SMSF Sorted makes for you.

We’re obsessed with ROI—and we’re Accountants at heart—so we made a KPI calculator that shows exactly how much Cloudoffis pays off for your SMSF preparation.
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