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Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation

Your magic bullet for SMSF auditing.

From engagement to completion.

SMSF Auditomation helps SMSF auditors use automation, document recognition and direct data sourcing to streamline
process and sharpen accuracy.

Keep up with compliance.

Observations updated annually.

Better leverage skilled time.

Juniors work with clear boundaries and transparency.

Stay competitive.

Surf the technology curve.

Radically reduce errors.

Track checklist completion.

Enterprise grade security.

Fully locked-down Australian Amazon AWS servers.

Lower IT and office overhead.

Reduce costs across your business.

SMSF auditing used to be a headache.

Whatever your workflow—the cloud had serious gaps, and manual tasks ate up too much time.


Email wasn’t designed for audit
preparation and review. Back and forth, constant updates.

So much wasted time.


Saving evidence of communications, compiling the file itself, referencing accounts to source documents.

Better things to do.


Endlessly updating referencing and workpapers as data changes, using printed reports as lead schedules.

Let the machines do it.

Then we built SMSF Auditomation.

esay integration

Easy integration.

Works directly with Class, BGL, and SuperMate for easy and seamless integration.
one source

One source.

Re-import data, track all changes, never lose your work again.
local support

Local support.

On-demand personal phone support from expert local team.

Experience first-hand how Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation can support your workflow and free up your time.

Let's get technical.

We love numbers—so we interviewed Auditors to find real numbers on their time savings with Cloudoffis.

The Old Days

The Cloudoffis Ways


Save up to


Per file

From receiving files by email, to scanning, sorting and using a PDF splitter—to saving to local drives and summarising in Excel.

Spending up to 10 hours per fund.

  • Upload documents in a single, bulk, scanned PDF which you can search, tag, and reference
  • Automatically import Class and BGL reports

Reducing up to 80% of work time.

Receiving and
compiling files

Save up to

2.5 HRS

Per file
Receiving and compiling

From receiving files physically, by email, or to digital inbox, through to logging into SMSF software and tracking email notifications.

Too much time on logistics.

  • New work auto-notification, dashboard visibility and workflow tracking
  • Secure, no-login data access from SMSF software
  • Online OCR and referencing to quickly compile files

Everything in one place.

Review work and

Save up to

2.5 HRS

Per file
review and observation

From manual checklists and relying on memory through audits, to manually refencing and compiling the file, and manually noting issues and work.

Too much margin for error.

  • Automated observations, risk and materiality calculations to identify focus
  • Online checklists and notations better standardise process
  • Note findings electronically for easy resolutions

Standardised flow, easy resolutions.


Save up to


Per file

From manually noting findings through to emailing any findings to accountants and clients.

What a web to weave.

  • Electronically note observations, live link to source documents, never doubting accuracy
  • Notify and manage resolutions online, automate notifications to further save time

Live data you can trust.

and Sign-off

Save up to

1.5 HRS

Per file

Manually entering data into separately prepared templates, collating reports and findings to send through unsecured email.

Unsecured back and forth.

  • Automatically populate reports and prepare management letters
  • Collate and securely share jobs—manage the job from start to finish in a single, secure space

A single source of truth.

*Time savings gathered from customer research of a number of accounting, administration and audit firms based on the average time spent across both simple & complex funds using Cloudoffis with both manual & admin software processes.

Experience first-hand how Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation can support your workflow and free up your time.

Seamless integration.

SMSF Auditomation plays nice with others.

Adapt SMSF Auditomation into your tried and true systems, integrates easily into your existing cloud-based solutions.

Next level SMSF audit automation.

Next steps on your journey to the cloud.


Get moving with SMSF.

From turning paper digital to full integration with key software, you’ll save time.


Get efficient with SMSF.

From bulk reports and letters to data-driven observations, you’ll automate the grunt work.


Get covered with SMSF.

Australian phone, email and online support from onboarding to training to customisation.


Get watertight with SMSF.

Amazon Australia servers, with the latest technology security and credentialling.


Get productive with SMSF.

Unleash instant communication, directly connect to your clients, fully tracked online.


Get connected with SMSF.

Plug and play integration with Class, BGL and SuperMate. Non-cloud options available.

Made for SMSF auditors.

Made to get SMSF auditing automated.
SMSF auditing
Your file is getting ready

Red Flags

Get your priorities together.

Automated red flagging of items needing attention.

Automated Sorting

Get your separates together.

Easily save leads schedules and other details to the right buckets.

Collaborative Review

Get your teamwork together.

Integrated workflow, communication, tracking and reveiw for everyone.
automated observation

Automated Observations

Get your priorities together.

Highlight and isolate discrepancies to better focus your attention.

Inbuilt Risk Matrix

Get your materiality together.

Pre-audit risk value alerts ensure you can assign appropriate team.
Query Module

Query Module

Get your deliverables together.

All internal and external queries managed, track outstandings on every job.

Automated Checklists

Get your efficiency together.

Checklists customised to suit relevant fund data.

Automated Bulk Reports

Get your admin together.

Reports and letters from engagement to completion.

From PDF to True Digital

Get your digital data together.

Bulk intelligent OCR turns paperwork into flexible, accurate working data.

Enterprise Security

Get your risk management together.

Amazon Australia servers, technology ahead of the risk curve.

Fully Integrated

Get your workflow together.

Plug and play with partner SMSF software to plug your cloud gaps.
Cloud control

Cloud Control

Get your access together.

Team work from everywhere, productivity goes through the roof.

Better Bookmarking

Get your referencing together.

Search, find and tag to replace
manual tick and flick work.
Better Wokflow

Better Workflow

Get your consistency together.

Everything in its right place, fully
exportable summaries.

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We’re obsessed with ROI—and we’re Auditors at heart—so we made a KPI calculator that shows exactly how much Cloudoffis pays off for your SMSF audits.
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