SMSF Sorted 2.0 – Built for SMSF Administrators and Outsource Firms

The latest release from SMSF Sorted provides a range of new features designed to assist administrators and large outsourcing firms to manage their jobs, documents and data whilst at the same time, standardising and slashing processing time per fund. SMSF Sorted can now link to your customers (Accountants/Financial Planners), as well as to your Auditors, to ensure there is a single system to manage your complete workflow across multiple stakeholders.

1. Document Management System (DMS)

We’ve completely revolutionised document management by ensuring your document storage and lead schedule referencing is one and the same. The content in your PDF source documents is turned into structured searchable data for instant search-find referencing. Then, by using bookmark logic to save in-page reference points, you are able to build out a fully referenced lead schedule by simply saving docs in our DMS. Reviewers, customers and auditors can then click lead schedule links to specific in-page reference points saving document handling time all the way through the review chain.

2. Workflow Management (Internal & External)

SMSF Sorted offers you a single dashboard to manage your jobs, assign staff and track job statuses. This also includes management of external stakeholders; the added workflow functionality allows you to share, manage, communicate and track everything you need with your internal staff, customers and auditors.

Our latest release incorporates a new itemised review/re-work/approval workflow for your external customers and auditors. Whether changes are requested by your customer or auditor, SMSF Sorted allows for document changes, re-importing of data from your admin software and then re-submitting for client approval or auditor sign off.

3. Portals Portals Portals…

To manage the external part of your workflow, SMSF Sorted allows you to create customer and auditor portals.

Customer Portals

Connect to your accountant and financial planner customers by creating them a free portal from SMSF Sorted. This allows your customers to share docs, review work, approve, raise/respond to queries, track statuses and request changes/re-work.

Auditor Portals

You can also connect to your auditor via SMSF Sorted. If they are a non-Cloudoffis auditor, you can create them a free read-only version from SMSF Sorted or for best in class automation, connect to a Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation subscriber to further enhance the automation on both sides of the process.  Either option allows you to transfer data, docs and review/respond to queries.

4. Job Standardisation and Automation

End-of-year processing is standardised and laid out in a clear dashboard to aid in processing, this vastly reduces quality and human error risk. A set of automated compliance checks help to ensure consistency by raising red flags and alerting users to certain points of interest. This includes checking for work test requirements, how effective tax has been allocated as well as if there were any lump sum payments, contra bank entries or negative balances through the year, to name just a few.

5. Customisation and Integration

The features in our DMS and Workflow have been designed specifically for your SMSF process. If for any reason you cannot completely replace your current DMS or Workflow tool, or if you have other proprietary software such as a client portal, we have the ability and experience to integrate into your existing systems to ensure you gain maximum efficiency by adding SMSF Sorted into your tech stack.

Cloudoffis specialises in automation and workflow technology for accountants, administrators and auditors in the SMSF space. All systems compliment and integrate beautifully with leading SMSF Admin software like, Class and BGL. See how our solutions can help your firm, get in touch with us here. 

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