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Christina Mainey


SMSF Sorted seriously saves time—so I can focus on what's next.

Macquarie Business Accountant Christina Mainey has helped clients reach their financial goals through SMSF Sorted.

  • 40% less review time
  • Reduced operational risk
  • Dialled up profitability

The Challenge Getting Left Behind

Externally, clients were prudent with their hard-earned money. Internally, Macquarie were bogged down in admin, emails & government regulations. They needed to work faster & smarter to stay competitive—especially with outsourcing companies at their heels.

The Opportunity Integrated & Automated

From automated compliance checks and reconciliations to industry-first software integrations, Cloudoffis could save Christina hours of manual handling. Another bonus—Macquarie's auditors were already using Cloudoffis, making collaboration easy.

The Outcome Less Admin, Better Planning, Happy Clients

SMSF Sorted sped up Christina's review process. In freeing her from sourcing scattered documents and double-checking figures, Christina could focus on what's important—planning opportunities to help clients achieve their financial aspirations.

Just do it—great software, great support and it’ll improve your workpapers.

Sarah Molinaro

Senior Manager—HMH

Working paperless, efficiently and remotely has made us leaders in our field.

HMH Senior Manager Sarah Molinaro's team can work from anywhere, in a fraction of the time, with Cloudoffis' digital SMSF solutions.

  • 100% successful remote team
  • Work time cut by a third
  • Improved security & standardisation

The Challenge Delivering Quality in a COVID-Hit World

HMH had partially moved to paperless but couldn't find the right platform to support their SMSF end-to-end. And with a paper audit quality so high, they weren't sure a digital solution could match it. But when the pandemic hit—Sarah and her team took the plunge.

The Opportunity Low Investment and Reliable Payoff

Already a Cloudoffis partner, HMH moved fully to Sorted in a matter of weeks. Working seamlessly with existing software and off-site staff, Sorted transformed HMH's ecosystem into a streamlined, automated, well-oiled machine—in the midst of a pandemic.

The Outcome Remote and Flexible with the Cloud

Sarah's team work integrated, transparent and secure. Sorted has reduced repetition and replication to cut audit time—while keeping quality and standardisation high. And best of all—they can do it all anywhere and anytime.

Now I can pick up 5000 new funds, and I know I can hire ten people, maintain quality and keep risk low.

Matthew Williams

Owner—Platinum Audits

I took our auditing' offshore—without the exposure.

Matthew Williams—owner of Platinum Audits—has seen his business triple thanks to Cloudoffis' watertight paperless ecosystem.

  • Audit check time reduced by 40%
  • Overseas staff—same high quality
  • Unlimited business scalability

The Challenge Piles of Paperwork

Four years ago, 85% of Matthew’s business involved tedious, paper-based audits. Skilled talent was hard to find and it took months to train a new hire—even then, Matthew was concerned that a missed detail could damage his business' reputation.

The Opportunity A Digital Tomorrow

Matthew moved to Cloudoffis' 100% digital system which simplified & automated the audit process. Matthew could create a comprehensive video library to train new hires who now perform accurate audits within days—allowing his business to scale.

The Outcome Future-Ready Business

Cloudoffis has enabled Matthew to go offshore, without the exposure. In automating repetitive tasks, assuring regulatory compliance and streamlining collaborative workflows—he's gone from 4 to 14 clients, with 800 funds under his administration.

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Clint Estavilla


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