SMSF Account Preparation and Auditing Automation.

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We build great SMSF software. You get
preparation sorted, you get auditing automated.

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SMSF Account Preparation

Accountants, check out – SMSF Sorted

Auditors, check out – SMSF Auditomation

For preparation, auditing, or the complete SMSF workflow.

Make the cloud make sense for your practice.

Focus on accounts preparation or auditing—or combine both to revitalise process for end-to-end workflow.

Plug and play.

Works directly with leading compliance and admin software for easy, seamless integration.

One source.

All parties see one data point, all interactions recorded, online referencing.

Local support.

On-demand personal phone support from expert local team.

Pure data.

Straight from the source, without duplication.

Watertight compliance.

Transparency and boundaries completely current with legislation.

Happy clients.

Results are on point, your time spent well.

Take the plunge or dip your toe in the water—either way we’re here for you.

Get a live walk-through from our support team.

SMSF used to be all over the place.

Despite your expertise and processes, there was no avoiding the downsides of manual SMSF.


So much wasted time…

From paper files to manual checklists, from printed reports as lead schedules to PDF splitting, from manual notes to email exchanges.


Better things to do…

From updating queries and responses to tracking workflow in Excel. From digitally adding to PDF’s to manually compiling.


Let the machines do it…

Emails back and forth, saving version after version, referencing and reviewing, unending logins to SMSF software.

Then we got it together.

Now you can use either SMSF Sorted for preparation, SMSF Auditomation for auditing, or combine them both, with your favourite admin software.



Get moving with SMSF.

From turning paper and PDF digital to full integration with key software, you’ll save time.



Get efficient with SMSF.

From bulk reports and letters to data-driven observations, you’ll automate everything.



Get covered with SMSF.

Australian phone, email and online support from onboarding to training, to customisation.



Get watertight with SMSF.

Amazon Australia servers, breach protocols, latest technology security and credentialling.



Get productive with SMSF.

Unleash instant communication, fully tracked online, for accountants, administrators and auditors.



Get connected with SMSF.

Strong, seamless and automated integration with Class, BGL and SuperMate.



Get better SMSF results.

Direct data sourcing reduces risks and overall errors, automation keeps attention where it counts.



Get bigger, easier.

Your systems are integrated and robust, ready to scale as your capacity to take on files grows.



Get clear with SMSF.

Single sources make every datapoint and change visible to all, removing confusion and repetition.


We match your workflow.

Inject our software into your tried and true systems, and integrate us into your big cloud solutions.

We offer two solutions.

Standalone they’re powerful, together they’ll transform your SMSF profitability.

online referencing

Online Referencing

Get your documentation together.

Handle documents once, digitally store and bookmark.

Automated Compliance

Get your compliance together.

Save time and standardise across team and workflow.

audit file generation

Audit File Generation

Get your auditing together.

Single-click audit file generation
saves serious time.

Automated Bulk Reports

Get your admin together.

Reports and letters from engagement to completion.

Red Flags

Get your auditing together.

Single-click audit file generation
saves serious time.



Get your separates together.

Saving leads schedules and other details to the right buckets is a breeze.

Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation

From PDF to true digital.

Get your digital data together.

Bulk intelligent OCR turns paperwork into flexible, accurate working data.

Easily mark-up PDF’s.

Get your referencing together.

The power of OCR puts you in charge, with tags and bookmarks a breeze.

Collaborative review.

Get your teamwork together.

Integrated workflow, communication, tracking and review for everyone.

Enterprise security.

Get your risk management together.

Backed-up servers in Australia, technology ahead of the risk curve.

Fully integrated.

Get your workflow together.

Plug and play with your key
software—plug your cloud gaps.

Oh, and your support will be phenomenal.

From start to finish, we’ve lined up awesome local support for seamless, stress-free adoption.


Get started fast.

There’s no lengthy transitions or migrations. We'll walk you through all the possibilities and set you up from seamless adoption and improved integration with your workflow and software.


Get up to speed.

New use cases? We're here to help. New team? We're here to help train them. It's so easy, most users start before we even train them, but you've got a training asset by email, phone and online.


Get uniquely positioned.

Automation is unstoppable, and customised automation can take your practice to new heights. The software is tailored to what real-life Accountants and Auditors are doing today & where they’re wanting to take their business. We'll build your future.


Get talking.

There's nothing like an actual person who you can ask anything—especially
when that person has all the local knowledge you could need.


Get convenience.

No time for the phone? Drop us an email for documented and linked support that turns around fast and accurate solutions.

Knowledge centre

Get independent.

With more people using Cloudoffis every day, we're compiling a library of essential tips and FAQ's for handy access to help.


Get what you need.

We release updates monthly, but many new features implemented stem from the feedback our users provide. We listen and impelment so you can have the best solution.

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