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Fund dashboard

Manage the fund review in one place with easy visibility of fund status, assigned staff, review points, queries, red flags and much more.

20+ Automated compliance checks

Including pension minimum & maximum / Contribution cap limit / Negative bank balance / Contra bank entries / Income comparison / Market value comparison / Tax effective allocation of pension / Tax component verification of member accounts.

7+ Automated workpapers

Reconciliation templates to standardise your processes including direct property / Unlisted & In-house assets / LRBA / GST / Tax Due / Contributions / Pensions / TBAR.

15+ Class reports automatically imported & tagged against line items

Including investment summary report / Investment movement summary / Annual return / Activity statement preparation / Tax accounting Rec / Pensions / Contributions / Distribution Rec and more.

Single page view for efficient review

- Comparative financial data displayed including columns for quantity, amount & percentage change.
- Easy view documents / Review points / Red flags / Queries / Workpapers & comments available at every line item.
- Prepared & reviewed by checkboxes at every line item.

General ledger review

- View the transactions of each line item with a single click.
- Search & Filter transactions within the general ledger.
- Quick calculation tool to tally transactions within the general ledger.
- One Click Access to the fund's full general ledger, including the prior year's ledger.

Re-importing & Re-work

- Re-import updated financial data from the accounting software
- Icons to clearly indicate new, updated & deleted items upon re-import
- Option to overwrite or delete existing work while reporting

One click transfer - transfer funds to audit seamlessly. Files transfer include:

Cloudoffis Auditors
Non-Cloudoffis Auditors

Documents tagged against line items

Permanent documents

Notes to Auditors saved against line items

Observations/Red Flags


Previous years documents Downloadable file for accountants and auditors consisting of supporting documents/queries/review points/compliance checks.

Re-submission of jobs to Audit (In the event amendments were required)


Manage jobs submitted to audit


Track Audit jobs submitted via job reports which include filters & export to excel function.


One-Click verification of data with the accounting software prior to Audit submission.


Upload additional documents for Audits in progress


Connect and submit jobs to multiple Auditors


Collaborate with Auditors using the query module


Audit letters & reports workflow


Bulk generation of audit engagement templates shared by Cloudoffis Auditors


Manage signed Audit letters & reports and auto transfer copies to Cloudoffis Auditors


Send pre-audit letters to trustees using Docusign and/or Email to Self


Unlimited users


Assign roles to users


Personalised user dashboards


Apply column preference settings to client list


Filter & export to excel client reports

Not Available

Import clients from muliple software programs


Automated check of fund details, such as ABN, TFN, Member DOB. Including a user prompt for incomplete information.


Re-import updated client details from accounting software.


Create jobs by importing financials from Class/BGL

Staff assignment & re-assignment of jobs (Preparer/Reviewer/Mananger)

Re-importing of financial data

Track progress of jobs by status

Track jobs by assigned staff member

Customer filtering & export reports to excel

Query management

Client management reports

Job management reports

Dynamic column selection reports

Export reports to excel

Comprehensive query module to collaborate with internal and external users

Assign queries to relevant staff members

Track query status'

Email and system notifications

Raise and address review points for both accountants and auditors

Auto generate a DMS folder structure based on the chart of accounts

Auto update an existing folder structure based on changes to the chart of accounts

Upload, auto OCR and search within documents (Splitting of documents is not required)

Tag & bookmark supporting documents against line items

Tag a single document against multiple line items

Option to mark documents as permanant

Permanant documents roll over to the next FY

Add comments to and highlight text on documents

Search across content within the fund's DMS

Bulk operations supported

Auto OCR

Quick view & count of unsorted documents

Access restrictions based on user roles.


50 MB per file
100 MB per file
100 MB per file

Currently supports WRAPs from 8 commonly used providers such as BT Panorama / MLC / Asguard / HUB24 etc

Included in Add-on

ATO Reconciliation automation

Auto Reconciliation & tagging of ATO documents

Included in Add-on

Currently auto reconciles & tags ATO PAYG & GST installment statements

Included in Add-on

ASIC Document Automation

Auto Checks & Tags ASIC Documents (future release)

Included in Add-on

Bank statement automation (future release)

Included in Add-on

Supports various business operating models:

- Accountants with multiple Auditors
- Administrators with multiple Accounting firms
- Administrators with multiple Auditors
- Peer review arrangements between Administrators & Accountants, Accountants and Auditors"

Business code verification & auto mapping of clients for data integrity

Allows B2B connection between Accountants, Auditors and Administrators for collaborations & workflow management

Supports APES requirements for large administrators and accountants

Supports peer review from accountanting firm as a client

Integration with customer's legacy systems (DMS/billing/workflow etc)

SSO integration

Docusign Integration

Maintain audit trail throughout the process

We get you up and running in no time—because we built Cloudoffis to be plug-and-play.

Clint Estavilla

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