SMSF Sorted Lite.

Sorted Lite is now included Class—for users to organise and reference documents, then collate and send for audit.

SMSF preparation used to be all over the place. Then we got it Sorted.
“OCR alone saves my reviewer between 25% – 40% of review time”.

Christina—Business Accountant at Macquarie

SMSF can get a bit unruly.

Sorted Lite adds powerful workpaper tools to Class.

  • Upload documents in a single, bulk scanned PDF for easy bookmarking.
  • OCR runs to search, tag, reference and identify data in minutes.
  • Folder hierarchy automatically built out for each fund based on chart of accounts.
  • Automated audit file compilation—using integrated DMS and Class financials.
  • One click—generate PDF Workpaper file and zipped doc folder with Class financials and hyperlinks to all tagged documents.
  • Incorporate any re-works or changes with single-click file regeneration.
  • Documents saved in DMS are automatically hyperlinked to financial accounts.
  • Simple search of OCR documents finds Closing Balance, Quantity or Account Name.
  • 20 Class Reports auto tagged to relevant line items.
  • Seamlessly transfer to any auditor in the Cloudoffis ecosystem.
  • Free portal with external workflow dashboards and auditor queries.
  • DocuSign integration for easy signing (Sorted Pro only).

Activate within Class.

  • On-board today.
  • Ready for tomorrow.
  • Focus on what’s next.
"Cloudoffis' plug-and-play tools get people up and running instantly".
Clint Estavilla
Head of Sales

Your time is valuable. Here's how we save it.

Document management 
and organisation

Save up to


Per file

Importing and

Save up to

2.5 HRS

Per file

to Auditor

Save up to


Per file

transfer to auditor

Looking out for your bottom line.

We’ve put a nifty calculator together, to show the difference SMSF Sorted makes for you.

We’re obsessed with ROI—and we’re Accountants at heart—so we made a KPI calculator that shows exactly how much Cloudoffis pays off for your SMSF preparation.

The future doesn't wait.

That’s why we ask you to be part of it—your feedback helps us build a better tomorrow.

In 15-mins, Class’ support team will show you how to get your business ready for tomorrow.

"The team understands the power of fresh eyes and are always looking for ways to innovate."
Clint Estavilla
Head of Sales