Designed to grow together with you.

SMSF accountants, administrators and outsourcing firms have a distinct set of needs and opportunities.

We’ve developed features to grow profitability and reduce risk through automation, standardisation and integration.

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Next level SMSF preparation.

Next steps on your journey to the cloud.


Get moving with SMSF.

From turning paper and PDF digital to full integration with key software, you’ll save time.


Get efficient with SMSF.

From bulk reports and letters to data-driven observations, you’ll automate everything.


Get covered with SMSF.

Australian phone, email and online support from onboarding to training, to customisation.


Get watertight with SMSF.

Amazon Australia servers, breach protocols, latest technology security and credentialling.


Get productive with SMSF.

Unleash instant communication, fully tracked online, for accountants, administrators and auditors.


Get connected with SMSF.

Strong, seamless and automated integration with leading industry SMSF admin providers.

Made for accountants.

Made to get preparation sorted.

online referencing

Online Referencing.

Get your documentation together.

No more splitting documents,digitally store and bookmark.

audit file generation

Audit File Generation

Get your auditing together.

Single-click audit file generation saves serious time.

Automated Compliance

Get your compliance together.

Save time and standardise across team and workflow.

From PDF to True Digital

Get your digital data together.

Bulk intelligent OCR turns paperwork into flexible, accurate working data.

Collaborative Review

Get your teamwork together.

Integrated workflow, communication, tracking and review for everyone.

Enterprise Security

Get your risk management together.

Amazon Australia servers, technology ahead of the risk curve.

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New features for SMSF at scale.


Get your sharing together.

Transfer documents, respond to queries, and track completion.


External Query Module

Get your communication together.

Context-driven queries, all in the system so nothing’s ever hard to find.

Peer Review

Get your review together.

Read only formats with section-by section approvals and queries/answers.

Integration Capability

Get your workflow together.

Optionally connect with other software to ensure no doubling-up of function.

All Size & Modules

Get your journey together.

From in-house and partially outsourced to multi-auditor, multi-site administrators.

All on the Cloud

Get your security together.

Seamless integrations, no duplication, everything in one place and always secure.

Looking out for your bottom line.

We’ve put a nifty calculator together, to show the difference SMSF Sorted makes for you.

We’re obsessed with ROI—and we’re Accountants at heart—so we made a KPI calculator that shows exactly how much Cloudoffis pays off for your SMSF preparation.

We've got it together for

SMSF administrators & outsourcing firms.

A single platform for SMSF at scale. Reducing risk, managing workflow, and opening up
collaboration across all levels. Managing communications, workflow and data in one place—
without the energy drain of building proprietary software.

You want efficient.

We do automated.

You want profitability.

We do scaled.

You want risk management.

We do standardised.

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