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Written by Miranda Brownlee on 11 August 2020

Sydney, 11 Aug: Cloudoffis, one of Australia’s leading cloud-based providers of SMSF preparation and audit automation technology, today announced the release of SMSF Sorted 2.0 – an industry-first as the most significant update yet to their increasingly popular SMSF Preparation software.

Enhanced Workflow Management through Job Standardisation and Automation

Sorted 2.0 makes end of year processing hassle-free through job standardisation by providing a clear dashboard to take care of everything in one place for optimised workflow management. Automated compliance checks raise red flags and alert users to discrepancies. It automatically checks for work test requirements, effective tax allocation, and lump sum payments, contra bank entries or negative balances.

The revolutionised Document Management System (DMS) ensures your document storage and lead schedule referencing remains as one. The content in your PDF source documents is turned into structured searchable data for instant search-find referencing. Then by using bookmark logic to save in-page reference points, you are able to build out a fully referenced lead schedule by simply saving docs in our DMS. Reviewers, customers and auditors can then click lead schedule links to specific in-page reference points saving document handling time all the way through the review chain.

Sorted 2.0 features improved internal and external workflow management capabilities with dashboards, automated notifications and connected stakeholder portals.  Connect with your external auditor or through a Cloudoffis partner auditor using SMSF Auditomation for leading-edge automation. The latest release incorporates a new itemised review/re-work/approval workflow for your external customers and auditors. Whether changes are requested by your customer or auditor, SMSF Sorted allows for quick & easy document changes, re-importing of data from your admin software and then re-submitting for client approval or auditor sign off.

“We’re excited to announce SMSF Sorted Release 2.0. This is our most significant update yet, including the revolutionised DMS, enhancements to existing functionality and some breakthrough features and integrations. At Cloudoffis we continue to refine our SMSF Preparation and Audit Automation solutions to help the industry eco-system and our users find efficiencies across SMSF processes and maximise return on their investment,” said Viral Kanabar, Co-Founder & Director at Cloudoffis. 

Integration and Customisations

Extending its integration capabilities further, Sorted 2.0 now integrates fully with industry-leading admin software providers BGL and Class, offering users a streamlined workflow from start to finish.

Cloudoffis specialises in automation and workflow technology for accountants, administrators, accountants and auditors in the SMSF space. If you have software such as a client portal, a Workflow tool or DMS that you need to keep, the software can be integrated into your system so you can reach maximum efficiency by adding SMSF Sorted 2.0.

SMSF Sorted 2.0 is now available. Check out for more information or to schedule a demo.

Watch the industry-first SMSF file preparation software release: SMSF Sorted 2.0

For further information, please get in touch or contact:

Clint Estavilla – Head of Sales, SMSF Sorted

Phone: 1300 979 457

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