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Implications of the recent Independence Code for SMSF auditors means many firms are deciding on how best to position themselves moving forward. 

  • For some firms it’s an opportunity to focus and grow a line of business (either admin or audit).
  • For others it poses a significant decision on how to meet client needs, maintain independence, and manage the financial impact to their business. It also presents staffing challenges and the need to establish new relationships. 

As the only technology provider with automation products for Accountants, Administrators and Auditors, Cloudoffis has developed an ecosystem of 10s of thousands of SMSF professionals. 

Join the Cloudoffis SMSF Provider Marketplace to have Accountants, Administrators and Auditors at arm’s length—all while maintaining compliance, business continuity and creating new opportunities.

If you’re a firm wanting to: 

  • Find and connect to like-minded and highly-efficient firms that are leveraging Cloudoffis' unique, integrated and automated technology platform
  • Standardise your internal and external SMSF workflows–no matter your structure
  • Outsource your audits through opportunities to grow the administration business
  • Repurpose your current SMSF administration work
  • Or you’re an Auditor wanting to grow your audit business

This end-to-end SMSF Provider Marketplace can support you through this journey; to provide the guidance you need or help you lawfully grow by matching you up to suitable industry providers. This is a great starting point to connect you with appropriate solutions, but still have control rest with your firm. Cloudoffis is in a unique position to help Administrators, Accountants and Auditors alike.

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