Importing Data

Easily connect to external softwares such as Class or BGL and download fund data straight from the Cloudoffis audit platform.

Auto-segregation of Data

The intuitive system automatically saves lead schedules and other details to the right buckets.

Red Flags

Items that need closer attention are automatically red flagged by the system, so you don’t have to spend time looking for them manually.

Powerful Search Function

The powerful search functionality allows you to find source documents at the speed of light to accelerate the audit process.

Real-time Collaboration Tools

Connect with clients to come on Cloudoffis, include your logo and have live chats with clients. This dynamic system allows clients to share the dashboard, DMS, etc.

One-click Audit Reports

All the relevant details are automatically populated by the system, helping you create error-free Audit Reports within seconds. You also have the option to edit, customise and create your own templates.

Single-window interface

Conduct end-to-end, error-free SMSF audits in a single window with all the audit-related elements within easy access.

Relevant Checklists

Accounts are created based on what’s within the fund and only relevant checklists are populated under the relevant topic, so you don’t need to go through multiple checklists multiple times.

Secure Document Management

Documents can be easily saved on the in-built Document Management System (DMS), allowing the team to create, save and access documents within the system.

Review Tools

Non-compliance in audits can be highlighted on the system by raising review points. Auditors can see the review points and communicate with staff easily in Cloudoffis.