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Cloudoffis’s SMSF Sorted and Auditomation platforms integrate seamlessly with SMSF administration platforms like Class Super and BGL Simple Fund 360. With their ability to automatically import data, mark up and reference documentation, accountants can prepare files and work papers easily, and transfer them to the auditor.

Cloudoffis’s offers an innovative way of conducting SMSF Preparation and SMSF Audits. Cloudoffis’s two revolutionary products; SMSF Sorted and SMSF Auditomation are a perfect blend of an Accountant or Auditor’s skills and a software-guided automation.

SMSF Sorted and SMSF Auditormation help accountants and auditors in conducting error-free SMSF preparation and audits, far more efficiently.


The licensing is based on the number of audits you do annually. As your number of audits increases the cost reduces. The costs start at $40 per fund. 

SMSF Auditomation

Packed with some powerful features such as; One-Click Audit Reports, Secured Document Management capabilities, Checklists and Red Flags, Cloudoffis’s SMSF Auditomation helps Auditors in conducting error-free audits in significantly lower time than you do it manually!

SMSF Sorted

Cloudoffis’s SMSF Sorted is an automated solution that streamlines your SMSF preparation process, seamlessly. With SMSF Sorted, everything from SMSF preparation, review and compliance can be completed in 40% less time than the traditional manual process.