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Partnering through Cloudoffis‘ Affiliate Program is a simple way to generate even more value from your Cloudoffis subscription while helping the Accountant & Auditor community get their SMSF together. All Cloudoffis users now qualify for an affiliate partnership.

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  • As a Cloudoffis user, you will get a custom referral code that you can share with your network.
  • Your referral reward is $500 per firm you refer that subscribes to Cloudoffis, the $500 is applied to your next renewal.
  • There are obviously benefits of being a Cloudoffis user that far outweigh the $500, so we wanted to keep it fair, there is no limit to the size or number of firms you refer.
  • Referring firms must be existing users of Cloudoffis to receive $500 per firm referred off their next renewal. Referring firms can only redeem the offer if the referred firm has not yet signed up.
  • Referred firms must be new to Cloudoffis and will receive $500 off their first year. Referral offer can only be redeemed before any signup.
  • SMSF Sorted: For any Accountant you refer, the minimum funds required are 30.
  • SMSF Auditomation: For any Auditor you refer, the minimum funds required are 100.
  • Improving the overall Cloudoffis experience is our primary goal–sometimes this might involve customising DMS solutions; but whether there’s legacy software to work with or not, we care about your customers too and we’re here to help; just ask!