How Artificial Intelligence Is Standardising The S...

As you know, a typical SMSF audit from administration to auditor takes about 2.5-4 hours. And as you know, for larger, more complex funds, an audit can take over 8

Cloudoffis – Gold sponsor at ATSA 2017

Cloudoffis is a Gold sponsor of ATSA 2017 – one of the leading events for accountants & bookkeepers in practice. Our values align with what ATSA organisers believe in –

SMSF Industry Update: What’s Happening This Sept...

As a financial advisor, you need to know about the changes in the SMSF industry and how they will affect you. We’ve created a quick SMSF industry update, letting you know

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The Top 5 Challenges of Auditing SMSFs in 2017

There are now close to 600,000 SMSFs in operation and over 1.1million SMSF members. With this huge rise in SMSFs, the Australian Government’s policy changes are designed to ensure the

Top 10 benefits of automating your SMSF audit proc...

SMSF audits require a high standard of consistency and quality control, and automation plays a key role in achieving these goals. In fact, it’s transforming the SMSF industry, as most

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Introducing a brand new way of conducting SMSF Aud...

The Cloudoffis platform is developed with Auditomation – a unique technology developed with the help of auditors for auditors. Auditomation in Cloudoffis, not only automates SMSF audit process but also

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Connect with CLASS or BGL and import data in secon...

At Cloudoffis, we are transforming the way SMSF audits are conducted. It is powered with Auditomation – a unique technology developed with the help of auditors for auditors. The sole

Attention auditors

Check out how Cloudoffis intuitively raises Red Flags for items that need closer attention. SMSF auditors play a key role in examining the accuracy of an individual fund’s accounting records.

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Generate an audit report at the click of a button

Paper-based audits are soon becoming a thing of the past. In fact, with the current SMSF landscape and the changing ATO regulations, having a cloud-based system appears to be crucial