Conduct error-free audits

Packed with powerful tools and features such as a secure document management system, red flags and relevant checklists, Cloudoffis helps reduce errors and enables you to conduct high-quality SMSF audits.

  • Auto-segregation of data to the right buckets
  • Automated features that highlight issues in an audit
  • Powered by Auditomation technology that complements an auditor’s skills

All documents in one place

The in-built Document Management System allows you to easily look for and tag reference documents in an audit.

  • Powerful Document Management System
  • Keyword search across multiple documents.
  • Online file sharing & MS Plug-in to upload/download documents

Collaborate with clients and colleagues

Connect and collaborate with your clients and colleagues directly via Cloudoffis. Send instant messages, queries, upload documents, share the dashboard and even include your firm’s logo.

  • Resolve queries faster
  • Speed up the audit process

Improve efficiency and save time

Powered by Auditomation, Cloudoffis saves an auditor’s time and allows them to focus on the more important aspects of an SMSF audit.

  • Save significant amount of time – up to 40% time saving
  • Avoid repetitive tasks
  • Create end-to-end audits in a single window

Highly secure audit platform

A fully automated cloud-based platform that seamlessly integrates with external software such as Class and BGL and enables secure communication between clients and colleagues

  • Secure transfer and management of the data and files.
  • Industry standard security implementation
  • Servers hosted on Amazon Australia