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When Christina Mainey from Macquarie Business Accounting began using SMSF Sorted by Cloudoffis in 2020, she quickly witnessed efficiency savings of more than 40%. It’s big news that SMSF Sorted

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SMSF is about choosing today what gets you ready for tomorrow. For Daniel Surjenko of award-winning SMSF auditors Superannuation Audit Services, moving to the cloud was about creating a better

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It’s a trying time for businesses. The global economy is reeling from the effects of Coronavirus, impacting the livelihood of people worldwide. In Australia, auditing and accounting businesses walk a

The Emerging Auditor: Finally, we could scale.

Auditor independence has rocked the way our sector does SMSF. Small auditors face a stark choice—exit or grow. So scaling SMSF audits matters more than ever—especially doing it accurately, sustainably

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As featured in SMSF Adviser on 7 April, 2021. Read the full article here.   SMSF today. Ready for tomorrow. Cloudoffis SMSF Sorted, Release v2.5 – Workpapers. SMSFs are all

Auditomation 4.11

What’s new with Auditomation? Cloudoffis, one of Australia’s cloud-based providers of SMSF preparation and audit automation technology, has released SMSF Auditomation 4.11. Auditomation Release 4.11 includes 2 more API updates