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Integrated, standardised and secure, Cloudoffis reduces repetition and replication. For administration - without the admin.

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Sarah Molinaro


Working paperless, efficiently and remotely made us leaders in our field.

HMH Senior Manager Sarah Molinaro's team can work from anywhere, in a fraction of the time, with Cloudoffis digital SMSF solutions.

  • 100% successful remote team
  • Work time cut by a third
  • Improved security & standardisation

The Challenge Delivering Quality in a COVID-Hit World

HMH had partially moved to paperless but couldn't find the right platform to support their SMSF end-to-end. And with a paper audit quality so high, they weren't sure a digital solution could match it. But when the pandemic hit-Sarah and her team took the plunge.

The Opportunity Low Investment and Reliable Payoff

Already a Cloudoffis partner, HMH moved fully to Sorted in a matter of weeks. Working seamlessly with existing software and off-site staff, Sorted transformed HMH's ecosystem into a streamlined, automated, well-oiled machine-in the midst of a pandemic.

The Outcome Remote and Flexible with the Cloud

Sarah's team work integrated, transparent and secure. Sorted has reduced repetition and replication to cut audit time - while keeping quality and standardisation high. And best of all-they can do it all anywhere and anytime.

  • Integrate with your existing DMS, workflow & billing system.
  • Connect portals-for both customers & auditors.
  • Manage & transfer documentation-with customer portals.
  • Standardise process-for approvals, reworks & queries.
  • Get Cloudoffis Al module-as standard.
  • Cut the errors-with automated compliance checks.
  • Make life easier-with 'Excel-like' workpapers.
  • Custom integrations map efficiencies to your unique workflow
  • Customised development solutions to fit future needs.
  • Rest easy-with enterprise-level data & security.
  • Back up in the Cloud-and never lose your work again.

Get a fund done fast.

Your time is valuable. Go from on-boarded to audit in a fraction of the time-with us by your side.


  • Create & customise your portal
  • 90 minutes training session


  • Import data from Class or BGL & upload source docs


  • Complete checklists, reconciliations & bookmarking in record time


  • Send for customer review & approval via portal


  • 1-click transfer to auditor portal
  • 1-click for full PDF workpaper

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