Getting preparation sorted, getting auditing automated.

Getting SMSF together.

Nobody likes wasting time. And if you’re wasting time in SMSF, you’re wasting money. You use software designed to help—but it needs to cover you end to end.

That’s where Cloudoffis comes in.

Australian for service.

For getting security

Amazon Australia servers, covered by Australian security law and protocol.

For getting service

Our support is in Australia, with all the local knowledge and expertise you could need.
A growing concern.

For getting the cloud

We started with making SMSF auditing a breeze, we’ve tackled preparation, watch this space for more.

For getting integration together.

We make sure to fit your existing software like a glove, working seamlessly with Class, BGL and SuperMate.
Knee-deep in SMSF.

For getting SMSF

We’re designed by SMSF auditors and accountants—so we’re obsessed with creating on point experiences for you. 

For getting software

Constant research and quick user feedback cycles underpin our feature development and regular releases.

We play nice with all your key tools.

You plug and play a better workflow.

Seamless and instant integration means your workflow is smooth, safe and easy. No transitions or migrations make Cloudoffis a real plug-and-play solution.

Values and service.

We make them work together.



Get the latest.

Why sit on the sidelines, when you can blaze a new trail?



Get the greatest.

Why do the same old, when solutions are there to be made?



Get no nonsense.

Why sidestep responsibility, when stepping up elevates us all?



Get productivity.

Why ever do it twice, when you can use that time more wisely?


User Experience

Get seamless.

Why make interaction a chore when beautiful can be at your fingertips?

Nothing succeeds like success.

That's why we work for yours.

Using either SMSF Sorted or SMSF Auditomation changes your practice. Using them together changes everything.

Better capacity.

Your practice can do a whole lot more once its liberated from the drudgery.

Team are supported and trained

Data-driven compliance observations

Automated bulk reports


Better productivity.

Imagine you had twice as much time for the real work—now make it happen.

Online referencing

Bulk intelligent OCR doc scanning

Fully integrated for maximum workflow


Better profitability.

Time boils down to money, so start creating more value with the skills that count.

Less time spent saves money

More clients and more files

Leverage better service into billing


Collaborate more.

Connecting the work of internal and external teams pays huge dividends.

Integrated workflow and communication

Single-source review, marking and query-management

Track and document every action


Clearer vision.

Out of the weeds, up to where your strategy and execution are crystal clear.

Secure Amazon Australia servers

Expert support always available

Freedom through automated repetitive tasks


Grow your practice.

You’ve worked hard to build your practice—it’s worth leveraging for growth.

Better client care and communication

More time for external-facing work

Capacity increased for more work

We really love numbers.

Especially these ones.


Avg. Time Saved Preparing SMSF*


Avg. Time Saved Auditing SMSF*


Total Documents OCR’d (Processed)


Funds on Sorted


Funds on Auditomation


Number of Users

*Percentages taken from customer analysis across a number of accounting, administration and audit firms based on the average time spent across both simple & complex funds before and after using Cloudoffis Sorted and Cloudoffis Auditomation. All other figures are calculated from Cloudoffis being just 3 years in operation.
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