Push the possibilities of SMSF efficiency.

While keeping your systems together.

Less admin.

Work anywhere.


Better margins.

No duplications.





Cloudoffis takes Australia’s SMSF preparation and auditing to the next level, with a swag of features to help you go paperless, optimise process, and enjoy end-to-end workflow.

Whatever your SMSF setup or workflow,

we're designed to grow together with you.


Massively reduce operational risk, increase standardisation and efficiency , integrate workflow, communications and data.

Get competitive instead of distracted by proprietary software.


Dial up profitability with huge efficiency improvements, manage all documents in one place, and save time on compliance checks.

Get paperless, get automated, get serious about SMSF margins.


Streamline audit workflows, spend 50% less time with industry-first integrations, automation, checklists & collaboration features.

Get automated, get growth, get your time back.

We asked our customers.

Here’s how their numbers stack up*
SMSF Preparation with Cloudoffis
SMSF Sorted.

time saved.

On SMSF files prepared with Cloudoffis: SMSF Sorted.

SMSF Audits with Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation.

time saved.

On SMSF funds audited with Cloudoffis: SMSF Auditomation.

*Percentages are taken from customer research of a number of accounting, administration and audit firms based on the average time spent across both simple & complex funds using Cloudoffis with an admin provider like BGL or Class Super.

Get SMSF preparation together.

A quiet revolution in SMSF preparation, reducing repetition, replication and inefficiencies.

SMSF Sorted improves and standardises your exsiting workflows, integrates with Class Super, and replaces silloed cloud systems with a single, watertight source of truth.

  • Everything in its right place
  • More times for what counts
  • Get it right the first time
  • Job profitability optimised
  • Lower IT and office overhead
  • Reduce risk in every step
  • Seamlessly Integrate

SMSF preparation and auditing software.

They’re much better together.

Improved communication and transparency between accountants and auditors—improved security and quality of work—and the
control that makes scalability a breeze.
Cloudoffis SMSF Auditomation

Get SMSF auditing together.

The tried and true magic bullet for SMSF auditing-from engagement through to completion.

SMSF Auditomation helps SMSF auditors use automation, document recognition and direct data sourcing to streamline process and sharpen accuracy across SMSF auditing.

  • Stay competitive
  • Keep up with compliance
  • Redically reduce errors
  • Better spend skilled time
  • Work from anywhere
  • Lower IT and office overheads
  • Enterprise grade security
Cloudoffis supportively supercharges your SMSF business.

Let's Live demo that.

Our experts offer quick & comprehensive live demos— tailored to your needs—of how Cloudoffis drives down duplication, takes your work securely online, and reduces SMSF prep & audit time by up to 70%.

Just 15 minutes invested in our demo can save hundreds of hours in your working year.

Saving time and money, together.

That's why SMSF loves Cloudoffis.

But don’t just take our word for it. The proof’s in the happy customers.

"Efficient and holistic—a better process".

Since changing from a manual based audit system to the Cloudoffis auditing software package I have experienced gains in efficiencies and the benefits of now having standardised audit working papers. Our overall approach to SMSF audits has definitely improved.
Greg Miller
Greg Miller
Director, Powe Partners Pty Ltd

We are proud every single time we serve Australia’s SMSF industry.

But who’s counting ?

Whether you focus on SMSF preparation or on SMSF auditing-or combine both in your practice-we help the industry get it together every day.


Avg. Time Saved Preparing SMSF*


Avg. Time Saved Auditing SMSF*


Total Documents OCR’d (Processed)


Funds on Sorted


Funds on Auditomation


Number of Users
*Percentages taken from customer analysis across a number of accounting, administration and audit firms based on the average time spent across both simple & complex funds before and after using Cloudoffis Sorted and Cloudoffis Auditomation. All other figures are calculated from Cloudoffis being just 3 years in operation.
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