SMSF Sorted

SMSF Preparation? Consider it sorted with Cloudoffis Sorted!

SMSF Sorted is an automated solution from Cloudoffis that streamlines your SMSF preparation process, seamlessly. With SMSF Sorted, everything from SMSF preparation, review and compliance can be completed in 40% less time than the traditional manual process.

Embrace the agility of cloud and a power of automation with SMSF Sorted, and bring the ease and efficiency to the SMSF Accountants and Auditors.

SMSF Auditomation

Experience the power of Auditomation

Cloudoffis’s Auditomation solution offers an innovative way of conducting an SMSF audit. This, perfect blend of an Auditor’s skills and a software-guided automation can result in simpler, faster and error-free audits.

Auditomation packs in some powerful features such as; One-click Audit Reports, Secured Document Management capabilities, Audit Checklists & Red Flags.

Auditomation’s recent release features, enhancements such as; intuitive dashboard, filter, search and review capabilities, ready templates and actionable reports.